Chimp and Zinc

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Google Rating: 4.6
Facebook Rating: 4.8
Agency Type: Standard
Employee Count: 50 to 249
Primary Contact: +919152600849
Secondary Contact: +912249781537
Services: Marketing, SEO

Chimp&z Inc was born to tell stories. We understand people, because we are the people. Ideas are where our expertise comes into play, and we know how to communicate them so that they hit the spot! For us, there is no thinking outside the box, as we aren’t governed by any box; we live and breathe creativity. As one of the best digital agencies, we’re here to propel brands forward and put their stories and beliefs into focus through careful consideration and thorough hard work.

We do this through the multiple tools and services at our disposal. From Social Media Marketing and Website Designing to Search Engine Optimization, we use our experienced and talented team to challenge mediocrity and take your brand’s existence to the next level.

At CHIMP&Z INC, we understand the dynamics of consumer behavior even before we delve into providing customized solutions. This comes naturally to us with our bunch of whip-smart chimps gathered from different concrete jungles. Together, we build a personable and innovative communication route that shapes a brand’s personality. We are young curious minds ready to swim into the digital ocean of ideas. We understand the roots and meaning behind stories which helps us add value to stories of our own by analyzing patterns, instigating actions and amplifying effort.

We believe in variety, originality, passion & innovation through and in our work. ‘Think Like An MNC, Work As A Startup’, is our ideology. Over a period of several years, this philosophy has propelled us to work with brands across segments & categories. We do this from our offices in Mumbai and Delhi.

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